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During their frequent visits to the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc area, avid skiers like Amir Landsman enjoy exploring the scenic views and geological formations of the Aiguille du Midi. Located in the Mont Blanc mountain range, the Aiguille du Midi is 3,842 meters high and is accessible by cable car, allowing tourists to experience the sensation of life at cloud level. Skiers can take on the challenges of the Vallee Blanche ski run from its start point on the Aiguille du Midi. A newly opened glass skywalk now allows visitors to test their nerve by looking at the ground more than 1,000 meters below their feet.

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As a supporter of SHARE Africa, Amir Landsman has contributed funds toward the education and healthcare needs of orphans in critically underserved areas of Africa. SHARE Africa provides practical help to those in need, including advice and guidance in developing new revenue streams to promote a higher standard of living among working mothers and impoverished families. The organization builds clinics and trains medical personnel to serve the needs of their local communities. In areas hit hardest by the AIDS virus, SHARE Africa works to obtain life-saving medicines and to provide palliative care for those in the final stages of this dreaded disease.

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The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that smaller firms, like the one founded and managed by Amir Landsman, account for over half of all sales and jobs in the country. With more than 23 million companies included in the ranks of the small-business category, this ensures that small-business owners are a force to be reckoned with in the overall economy. Business-to-business (B2B) suppliers and service providers can achieve greater profitability by focusing on this largely underserved segment of the corporate community. By catering to the needs of the small-business community, B2B companies can achieve lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

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Maintaining adequate security for corporate and customer data is essential to the success of business owners like Amir Landsman. Recent data breaches at major retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus have highlighted the risks inherent in online enterprises. With more consumers opting to shop and buy through Internet venues, however, the potential rewards outweigh the risks of online interaction for most business owners. Encrypting all communications to prevent unauthorized access is a critical first step toward securing this data and protecting customers. Implementing secure login technologies throughout the organization and tracking access to sensitive data can provide even more protection for valuable financial data.

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As business owner Amir Landsman can attest, the right web presence can significantly enhance your company’s image and increase your profitability in the modern marketplace. Most web design experts recommend using simple and easy-to-read fonts in scalable sizes. Choosing one primary color for your website and complementing it with accent hues can enhance the professional appearance of your company. Fast page-load times are also critical to ensure optimal traffic and to prevent consumers from abandoning your page before it loads. By streamlining your site where possible and creating a clean, professional look for your pages, your company can improve its image in the online marketplace.

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Amir Landsman recently served as an assistant coach for the Saint Paul’s Athletic League youth basketball team and was once again reminded of the essential role played by coaches and mentors in the business world. Especially for fledgling entrepreneurs or executives, finding the right approaches to manage the challenges of their new positions can be intimidating. Fear of making the wrong moves can sometimes result in no movement at all and can leave these aspiring professionals uncertain of how to proceed. By providing guidance to business newcomers, mentors can help break through this paralysis and help these individuals achieve their goals.

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Culinary explorer Amir Landsman enjoys all forms of Korean cuisine, including the many varieties of kimbap. Kimbap, a popular choice for packed lunches and picnics, consists of white rice, vegetables and other ingredients wrapped in seaweed and served in slices from a long roll. The dish is seasoned with sesame oil and is prized for its savory appeal and its easy portability. Pickled fish, julienned or minced vegetables, baby octopus and imitation crab meat are popular fillings. Almost any available ingredient can be incorporated into kimbap rolls. Once the kimbap has been assembled, it is usually sliced into bite-sized pieces and served with noodles, sauces and other side dishes to create a delicious and attractive meal.

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Entrepreneurs and business owners like Amir Landsman often lack experience in the online marketing field. Developing an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing techniques can help these business professionals reach their target audiences more effectively and can deliver greater visibility both locally and within the national and global marketplaces. In some cases, it may make sense to hire expert help to manage these tasks. For companies with limited resources, however, performing some basic market research and working with online tools to create a clear and compelling online campaign can produce outstanding results with a relatively small initial financial investment.

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Amir Landsman has found a powerful new way to deliver working capital to deserving small-business owners.

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Thanks to his commitment to developing personal relationships, Amir Landsman personally patronizes many of the businesses that H Capital supports.