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H Capital’s rapid growth suggests that Amir Landsman’s new working-capital model has struck a chord with business owners.

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Amir Landsman gives back at home and abroad through SHARE Africa and the Blacksmith Institute’s Benefit for India.

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When he’s not connecting small-business owners with working capital, Amir Landsman can be found courtside at the Barclays Center or playing hard on the tennis court.

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Amir Landsman has always believed in the power of entrepreneurship. As a sales manager in the Israeli poultry industry, he got a firsthand look at the challenges and triumphs that define small-business ownership. Many of his company’s clients were family farmers who prospered despite thin margins and relentless competition. His subsequent experience in the diamond industry reinforced these lessons.

Over the course of his two-decade career, Landsman came to notice a disturbing trend that appeared to afflict small-business owners across all industries and sub-sectors. Simply put, these owners weren’t getting the support that they needed from traditional banks. Owners of small companies ranging from mom-and-pop farm businesses to neighborhood jewelry stores couldn’t rely on big-name financiers to provide working capital for day-to-day expenses, long-planned expansion plans and unexpected emergencies.

As Landsman explains, “the banks take so many fees, gamble with money, and then refuse to give any to small and medium-sized businesses. If you are a small chain of grocery stores, [an independent] restaurant, or independently owned and operated manufacturing business, you must look elsewhere for working capital.”

Through H Capital, Amir Landsman aims to make it easier for small businesses to find the working capital that they need without the hassles that they face from other capital providers. H Capital doesn’t require its clients to endure an onerous application process, offer a personal guarantee or put forth unreasonably high amounts of collateral.

Instead, H Capital approves the vast majority of its working capital requests within one business day and bases its clients’ repayment schedules on their actual income. With H Capital growing every day, Landsman looks forward to helping new clients with his merchant cash-advance model.

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